Welcome To Summer Term!

Activities Week

At Falmouth School, we firmly believe in nurturing not just the academic minds of our students, but also their physical and personal development. That's why Activities Week holds a special place in our curriculum. It's a time when we encourage our students to be 'Active' in both body and mind, recognising the importance of holistic character development.

Activities Week is not just about stepping outside the classroom; it's about stepping into new experiences, challenges, and opportunities. It's a chance for our students to explore, discover, and grow, whether they're trying something entirely new or honing skills in areas they're passionate about.

More than just a week of activities, it's about creating lasting memories that will shape our students' journeys for years to come. From outdoor adventures to creative workshops, there's something for everyone during Activities Week.

Join us as we embark on a week filled with excitement, learning, and the joy of discovery. Please see below for details regarding our 2023-24 programme.