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Design Technology

Welcome to the Falmouth School Design Technology Department, where innovation and creativity come to life. Our Design and Technology curriculum has been meticulously crafted to cultivate a diverse set of skills that delve into a wide range of technological and design principles. From the foundations of design and model making to the intricacies of problem-solving, evaluating, and creating solutions, our program offers a rich and comprehensive experience for students.

In collaboration with local manufacturing company Watson and Marlow, our curriculum extends beyond the classroom, providing students with real-world applications of their skills. The planned outcomes cover a spectrum of areas including food and nutrition, electronics, mechanical design, conceptual design, engineering, and creativity, all integrated with real-life problem-solving scenarios. This dynamic approach ensures that students engage with Design Technology in a way that is both relevant and applicable to their future aspirations.

Our Year 7 to 8 students embark on a journey of hands-on projects that not only allow them to explore their interests but also guide them toward selecting subject pathways aligned with their career aspirations. These pathways are designed to provide a solid foundation for both university courses and apprenticeship opportunities, as well as equipping students with essential life skills for the future.

Here, at the Falmouth School Design Technology Department, students don't just learn about design and technology; they actively engage in projects that have tangible outcomes and real-world significance. Together, we foster an environment where creativity meets practicality, preparing students for a future where they can not only adapt to but also drive technological and design advancements.