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Duke Of Edinburgh

Welcome to Falmouth School's Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme – a fantastic opportunity for our students to embark on a transformative journey of personal development and skill acquisition. Over the past seven decades, the Duke of Edinburgh Award has been a beacon of inspiration, guiding countless young individuals from diverse backgrounds toward brighter futures. At Falmouth School, we are proud to be a Duke of Edinburgh Directly Licensed Centre (DLC), offering this internationally recognized program to students in Years 9 and 10.

Our commitment to the Duke of Edinburgh Award is reflected in our provision of both the Bronze and Silver levels, providing students with a range of activities and challenges that extend beyond the classroom. From volunteering and physical activities to life skills and expeditions, participants gain valuable experiences that shape their character, enhance their resilience, and prepare them for the demands of the future.

Participating in the Duke of Edinburgh Award at Falmouth School is not just a checkbox on a list; it is a journey that fosters essential life skills. Students develop teamwork, leadership, and communication abilities through collaborative activities and expeditions. The program encourages them to step out of their comfort zones, fostering resilience and adaptability. Furthermore, the Award serves as a passport to a brighter future, recognized and valued by both employers and universities.

By participating in the Duke of Edinburgh Award at Falmouth School, students not only cultivate essential life skills but also acquire a profound sense of accomplishment that will stay with them throughout their lives. Join us on this incredible journey of personal growth and discovery – the Duke of Edinburgh Award awaits at Falmouth School.


Please see below for an outline of the timescales involved for each portion of the award.