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Our vision for all students, including all students with SEND:

  • Every student deserves to accomplish extraordinary success.
  • Every student deserves to enjoy an extraordinary educational experience.
  • Every student deserves to flourish in an extraordinary school.
  • Together, Falmouth School will be truly extraordinary.

All our school improvement and strategic planning is central to our mission of providing the best possible education for all our students, including those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). Our SENCo is Mrs. C Brooker.

At Falmouth School, we are committed to continually raising educational standards for every child under our care. We are an inclusive school where the importance is placed on learning alongside the peers, developing and sustaining positive relationships, and accessing learning in lessons where the structures are predictable, modelled and enabling the students to rehearse their skills, as well as continue building on them. Support is provided where required and as appropriate to enable the young person to be as successful as possible. 

Our inclusive approach is underpinned by national and international research. Quality first teaching enables all students to succeed and at Falmouth School we believe that every teacher is a teacher of students with SEND. Every adult at Falmouth School can support students with SEND. 

As part of our focus on the SEND provision for all our students, Falmouth School has invested into  the Provision Map tool which enables us to organise systematically all SEND related information, to evaluate and update the supporting mechanisms more easily and also to increase the effectiveness of the provision. Overall, the information related to students and their needs is streamlined and easily accessible for the adults working with the student/s. Importantly, it further enhances the communication about support between the school and parents/carers. 

In practice, this means that our lesson structures are carefully considered to enable all students to succeed.

Student Passports

Where a student is on Record of Need, the student has their own passport which outlines how the support works across the school. The school is transferring to this new, more versatile system. See below the type of information the student passport contains. It is clearly laid out involving all the parties working together. It puts the young person at the centre. The document is easily accessible to the staff who work with that student. 

Provision Maps
A student and/or a group of students may be assigned a provision for a specific time frame. This provision can be short term or long term and it is evaluated. Students access a range of provisions to support them. The list of provisions is wide ranging and it continues evolving as we work with young people and year on year their needs may change. It can also be assigned to a student as a one off provision to support a specific event or recovery.

Some examples of the Provisions:

  • Restorative Circle Time
  • Concessions/Access Arrangements - verbal prompts, to support focus/refocus
  • SEN Attendance Mentoring/Self-esteem
  • Word Processing/Typing - with spell checker - Access Arrangements/Concessions
  • Facilities Pass - specific adjustments 
  • Time Out Pass - specific adjustment
  • Music Therapy
  • Counselling

The features of Provision Map strengthen the school systems and positively support Assess-Plan-Do-Review and all the meetings and provide clearer evaluation opportunities. At Falmouth School we have been developing the use of this tool and we are at the ‘implementation’ stage.

Reading Strategy and Homework
Our Reading Strategy promotes positive outcomes for all our students and the positive focus on reading skills, does consider the ways how to reduce barriers for students, including those with SEND.

Homework and Independent learning strategies include the use of highly interactive and visual apps which reinforce students’ knowledge and skills covered in lessons or potentially pre-teach the content that may be coming next. The visual and interactive learning focusing on retrieval, drilling and rehearsing through a range of tasks reinforces the students’ working memory whilst maintaining a balanced cognitive load.  The homework expectations positively support all students, including those with SEND.

Support is offered at homework club after school to encourage an active engagement that leads to more rapid progress, increase in confidence and success.

Student Leadership and Trips & Visits
All our students are included in the curricular and extra-curricular visits and activities. We are very proud to have a strong sense of belonging and pride within our student population. At Falmouth School there are many students who pursue the Duke of Edinburgh Award and year on year there are students who accomplish immense success through this initiative; this has a positive impact on their success in school whilst developing self-help strategies to thrive and enjoy their school more.

We are very inclusive in our thinking and work closely with our students and their families to plan their engagement in activities, where reasonable adjustments may need to be considered and implemented.

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