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Welcome to the vibrant world of Music at Falmouth School, where the journey is as enjoyable as it is rigorous and challenging. Our music curriculum is designed with a clear intent – to foster a deep understanding of music and instill a love for singing and instrumental performance. Beyond honing individual musical skills, we place a strong emphasis on the development of ensemble and interpersonal skills through group performances.

In addition to honing performance abilities, students at Falmouth School immerse themselves in a wider realm of creative expression through the composition and improvisation of music. This exploration spans diverse musical genres at KS3, offering students a rich tapestry of musical influences. As they progress to KS4 and KS5, students have the freedom to compose in any genre or style, encouraging individuality and artistic expression.

Our curriculum extends beyond performance and composition; students broaden their appreciation and understanding of music by studying a range of styles. From exploring the origins and legacy of blues music to delving into the intricate rhythms of Indian music, students gain a holistic understanding of the vast musical landscape. This knowledge empowers them to respond thoughtfully to music, always capable of justifying their opinions while considering the perspectives of others.

As students transition to KS4, they have the option to delve deeper into their musical studies by choosing either a GCSE or BTEC qualification. At KS5, the journey continues with the option to study either a Level 3 BTEC or A Level Music. These qualifications not only enrich students' musical proficiency but also pave the way for progression to either vocational or academic courses of study upon leaving Falmouth School.

At the Falmouth School Music Department the joy of music-making is coupled with a commitment to excellence, providing students with a well-rounded musical education that extends beyond the classroom and prepares them for a future filled with musical possibilities.