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Safeguarding Support

At Falmouth School we undertake regular safeguarding briefings to keep ourselves informed about the latest developments linked to safeguarding, whether this is linked to the national and local trends or whether this is to know how to look after specific students when required. At the same time we follow the daily operational procedures to maintain safety of all our young people in our care. We liaise with the local agencies and social care and emergency services to support all students and their families. 

Students learn about how to maintain their safety through the PSHE lessons, assemblies and also the sessions delivered by the external providers and local charities. This enables the students to identify the risks sooner and also follow the reporting advice to keep themselves safe wherever they are. Explore our comprehensive links promoting online safety here - [Link].

Operation Encompass
Falmouth School is part of Operation Encompass, a Police and Education early intervention partnership supporting children exposed to domestic abuse. We receive confidential reports before the next school day, enabling targeted support based on the child's needs. Learn more about Operation Encompass at www.operationencompass.org.

Bullying and Child-on-Child Abuse Support
Find resources related to bullying and child-on-child abuse in our antibullying section - [Link].

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