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Headteacher's Welcome

Falmouth School is a bright, welcoming and inclusive school at the heart of the Falmouth community. We are committed to providing an exceptional educational experience for all our students to the highest possible standards.

Our school is dedicated to fostering a love of learning and an enthusiasm for knowledge. Our focus is to create a dynamic and supportive environment where students can thrive academically and holistically.

As Headteacher, my role is to share a profound and selfless commitment to educational excellence,  guided by a deep love for knowledge and understanding the magnitude of the moral purpose. Serving as the Headteacher is a true privilege, and I am immensely proud to lead Falmouth School on its journey of championing all our young people within our local community.

Our staff are equally dedicated and put our students at the heart of everything they do. Our ambition is clear: we strive for the success of every student, from Year 7 to Year 13, within our school and beyond. We emphasise holistic development, support of students in their academic pursuits while nurturing a sense of belonging to both their local community and the broader world. We envision our students becoming global citizens who take pride in their educational journey.

At Falmouth School, we embrace ambition and kindness as integral to the quality of education we provide. We want our students to relish their learning opportunities, even when faced with challenges. Learning, in our view, should be an exciting and rewarding process leading to new discoveries, increased motivation, and resilience, all fueled by a passionate desire to achieve more.

Our commitment to nurturing a learning environment ensures that every student is positively challenged and rewarded for their efforts. Together, as the Falmouth Family, we uphold our school ethos:

  • We are mighty.

  • We are extraordinary.

  • We are the Falmouth Family.

We are excited about the incredible journey ahead and look forward to the collective achievements and successes that will shape the future of Falmouth School and its students.

Mrs L Chanter