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Welcome to the Falmouth School Geography Team, where our mission is to nurture students into successful global citizens with a profound understanding of the dynamic field of Geography. We strive to cultivate an appreciation for the ever-evolving nature of Geography as an academic discipline, preparing students to navigate and contribute to the complexities of the world.

In our classrooms, Geography transcends traditional boundaries, providing students with new ways of thinking through key concepts such as Place, Space, and Interconnection. We believe in empowering students with powerful analytical tools to explore, explain, and understand the world around them. Geography, at its core, gives students agency over their own knowledge, encouraging them to delve into the discipline's development and testing of knowledge.

Our curriculum is designed to enable students to follow and actively participate in debates surrounding significant local, national, and global issues. Geography serves as a lens that takes students beyond their own experiences, contributing to a robust general knowledge base and fostering a global perspective.

At Falmouth School, our intent is clear – to equip students with the skills, aptitude, and expertise to be dynamic, sustainable geographers. We guide them through a learning journey that makes sense of diverse topics, from development and trade to urbanization, the physical landforms of the UK, plate tectonics, and the intricate living world.

At Falmouth School we go beyond maps and coordinates to inspire a passion for exploration, critical thinking, and a deep understanding of the interconnected world we inhabit. Together, we embark on a journey of discovery, preparing students for a future where they can contribute meaningfully as informed and responsible global citizens.