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Welcome to the Falmouth School History Team, where we believe that a deep understanding of history is key to unlocking a wealth of knowledge and cultural capital. In a world shaped by historical events, our curriculum explores themes such as slavery, nationalism, genocide, revolution, religion, and racism, providing students with a lens to comprehend the complexities of modern life.

At Falmouth, our history program goes beyond memorizing dates and events. We focus on a context-rich and skills-based curriculum, aiming to scaffold learning and foster continuous development of deep knowledge and expansive communication skills. Our goal is to empower students not only with historical facts but also with the ability to critically analyze and interpret the world around them.

In our classrooms, students delve into the study of monarchy, republicanism, capitalism, and communism, gaining insights into diverse styles of governance across the world. This approach creates a nuanced understanding of the socio-political landscape, enabling students to connect the dots between historical events and the present day.

Key historical concepts such as significance, comparison, importance, change and continuity, cause and consequence are central to our curriculum. Students are encouraged to draw contrasts, analyze trends, frame historically-valid questions, and create their own structured accounts, including written narratives and analyses. This approach not only enriches their historical knowledge but also hones their analytical and communication skills.

At Falmouth School History is not just a subject but a gateway to understanding the world in all its complexity. Together, we embark on a journey of exploration, inquiry, and critical thinking, preparing students to be informed, engaged citizens with a deep appreciation for the historical forces that have shaped our society.

Curriculum Overview - History
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