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Child Development

Welcome to the Child Development course at Falmouth School, where we are dedicated to providing students with a comprehensive understanding of key themes within the early years sector, coupled with a proficiency in a broad range of practical skills. Our approach is designed to inspire independent learning, offering students regular opportunities to acquire and retain knowledge in real-world contexts, fostering the development of practical, communication, and technical skills relevant to the industry.

While Child Development becomes a dedicated subject at KS4, our commitment to preparing students for further study begins early, starting in Year 9. This early exposure lays the groundwork for continuous knowledge building and long-term memory retention. We believe in a balanced progression where neither skills nor knowledge takes precedence, cultivating students who are eager to engage in higher-level thinking while demonstrating confidence in their practical abilities.

Our goal is to see students progress seamlessly from Year 9 to Year 13, developing into capable and confident learners with extended knowledge and a deep understanding of Child Development. This foundation not only equips them for potential university studies but also prepares them for direct entry into the workforce, showcasing their competence and readiness for the demands of the industry.

Throughout their learning journey in Child Development students encounter opportunities to explore, apply, and deeply understand the intricacies of child development. We believe in nurturing confident and capable learners, empowering them to pursue higher education or embark on successful careers in the field.