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We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of educational excellence and care at Falmouth School. We are ambitious for all our students and we want them to be happy, thrive and be successful in everything they do. In learning every second counts and students are our absolute priority from the moment they arrive until they leave.  We seek opportunities to ensure students’ wellbeing by following clear and positive routines throughout their school day.

We greet students on the gate each morning and welcome them with a smile and acknowledge their punctuality and organisation is really valuable. We offer support where required with uniform and/or equipment. 

Morning Greetings enable the tutors to greet every student. Every student matters and Morning Greetings enable us to share key information, praise, updates and also support those who may need it.Tutors play the pivotal role to greet their tutees and maintain that all important continuity of being the key adult for their tutees.  Morning Greetings offer a great stability and increase the predictability for a student, thus increasing their opportunities to succeed.

Through the triage system, our pastoral teams work together: the colleagues from the Wellbeing Team, Safeguarding Team, TIS (Trauma Informed Schools) trained practitioners, SEND Team colleagues, and Attendance Lead engage the supporting mechanisms depending on the information received. All of the support is deployed with one key aim: to maintain the students’ wellbeing, success, progress and enjoyment in school. We engage external agencies where appropriate. 

The carefully planned assemblies and important national and international events, such as assemblies linked to the Falmouth School Cultures, protected characteristics, online safety; engagement in the events such as the Anti Bullying Week, Positive Noticing Day, World Book Day, and others, promote the students’ wellbeing by working together and in harmony by recognising each other’s uniqueness. 

School clubs and extra-curricular activities during the school day and after the school day offer positive means to promote students’ wellbeing. Interacting with peers pursuing different skills and interests greatly enhances positive relationships and wellbeing.

At the end of the school day, the subject teachers lead the students to the gate. This is to wish them well, enable the tutors to touch base once more briefly with their tutees as they are leaving the school site, to promote the positive. We have seen a notable positive impact this has on our students already, having started this procedure only recently. We can conclude and praise students for solving something during the day. We increase the importance of being great ambassadors for Falmouth School in the local community by ensuring their departure is orderly and positive. We enjoy the opportunities to wish them well, and praise them for their efforts during the school day.