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About Us


Welcome to Falmouth Sixth Form, where we invite students to embark on a transformative educational journey.

Our vision is to, “stay connected, explore further,” which encapsulates the essence of our institution.

Falmouth Sixth Form is a place where diversity thrives, where each student is encouraged to explore their full potential, and where the pursuit of excellence is embedded in every aspect of our curriculum.

We take pride in offering an array of new curriculum options tailored to accommodate both academic and vocational studies, ensuring that every student finds a path that resonates with their aspirations and strengths.

We believe in the power of connectivity, whether it’s through forging meaningful relationships with peers and educators, or through our commitment to working with our local community of employers.

Our goal is to provide an environment that is both stimulating and supportive, allowing students to thrive and excel in their chosen pathways.

Together, we intend to create a meaningful tomorrow, by staying connected to the local community, whilst exploring each individual’s future.

Warm regards,
James Worthington
Head of Sixth Form