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Reading Plus

Welcome to Falmouth School's Reading Plus program – an adaptive, online reading development initiative designed to foster stronger readers across various age and skill levels. The program, with a readability range from Year 2 to beyond GCSE, is dedicated to supporting students in their journey from learning to read to reading to learn.

What is Reading Plus?

Reading Plus is not here to replace books; instead, its purpose is to:

  1. Create Stronger Readers: Utilising evidence-based, adaptive technology to enhance reading skills.

  2. Support Teachers: Providing comprehensive data on students' reading progress, identifying skill gaps, and offering free training and support.

  3. Make a Difference: Aiming to positively impact school and student outcomes.

The Need for Reading Plus

Reading Plus is specifically tailored for students who:

  • Are secure in phonics and phonemic awareness.

  • Need to develop fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension skills.

The program also focuses on intrinsic motivation for reading by providing engaging texts and measuring self-improvement beliefs, confidence, and interest in reading.

How Does Reading Plus Work?

For Students

Step 1 – Personalised Learning Path: Students embark on their Reading Plus journey with an adaptive assessment, establishing a baseline and data-driven starting point.

Step 2 – Lessons Begin: The software provides access to over 1,300 high-quality, age-appropriate texts allows students to self-select material, developing comprehension and vocabulary knowledge.

Step 3 – Creating Readers for Life: Engaging texts, instant feedback, and gamification features keep students motivated.

For Teachers

Understanding Students' Reading Gaps: An initial assessment identifies students' reading levels and allows teachers to determine if students are below, at, or above year-level expectations.

Increasing Fluency and Stamina: The patented Guided Window feature models good reading behavior, improving fluency and stamina progressively.

An Evidence-Based Program

Reading Plus is built on decades of foundational research in silent reading development, vocabulary and comprehension improvement, decoding practice, reading stamina, and efficiency development. In an efficacy study with a range of UK schools, students eligible for pupil premium made, on average, 97% more progress with Reading Plus than in control schools.

At Falmouth School we use Reading Plus to foster a culture of proficient, motivated readers.