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At Falmouth School, we wholeheartedly embrace a culture of kindness, respect, and the celebration of diversity. Bullying, in any form, is unequivocally unacceptable within our school community. We are committed to fostering an inclusive environment where every student feels safe, valued, and free to be themselves. Bullying of any form, offline or online, is not accepted at Falmouth School and we encourage students to promptly report any concerns to our dedicated Learning Leaders or any adult within the school. Additionally, students can utilise the student incident report form to ensure their voices are heard. Together, we stand united against bullying, striving to create a supportive atmosphere that promotes learning, growth, and mutual respect.
If you are aware of an incident that has taken place, please use our Incident Reporting Form - to report a behaviour incident that you may have either witnessed, heard about or been a part of. These are reviewed regularly by our Behaviour and Attitudes lead and our Learning Leaders.

How do we prevent bullying?

Our Falmouth School Cultures promote all our values that are underpinned by the British Values, awareness of the protected characteristics and emphasis on sharing of the school environment in harmony. 

Our routines which include Morning Greetings, assemblies, tutor time, monitoring of school attendance,  lesson routines, and analysis of praise and behaviour information, all these aspects enable us to become promptly aware of incidents linked to child-on-child abuse. We also work with students, through the assemblies, PSHE lessons and other specific initiatives to raise their awareness of what bullying means, how to report it when witnessing it or experiencing it.

As educators, we focus on educating students how to positively manage social interactions and how to move forward from any mistakes and disagreements. Restorative Practice, adult support and small group work can be utilised to repair and restore the relationships and gain deeper understanding about the harms associated with bullying.

At the same time, bullying is taken very seriously and the school follows the Behaviour Policy to issue sanctions, depending on the severity of each incident. Falmouth School has been engaging with Anti Bullying Week, Hello Yellow and Positive Noticing Day as well as Safer Internet Day and other initiatives to navigate students into being  respectful global citizens who make their Falmouth Family proud everywhere they go.