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Google Classroom

At Falmouth School, we embrace the power of technology to enhance your child's education. Google Classroom is our chosen learning platform, seamlessly integrating various Google Apps to provide a collaborative and efficient online environment for both teachers and students. As parents and carers, your active participation is vital in ensuring the success of your child's digital learning journey.

Accessing Google Classroom:

As a parent or carer, you won't have direct access to your child's Google Classroom. However, we encourage you to actively engage with your child by sitting down together to explore their Classroom. Discuss their learning, upcoming assignments, classwork, and any notifications from teachers. To access Google Apps on a web browser, visit google.co.uk, and have your child sign in using their school login details. For a more seamless experience, recommend that your child downloads the Google Apps on a mobile device via the App Store/Play Store.

Child's Access to Google Classroom:

To help your child navigate Google Classroom:

  1. Ensure they are logged into their school account.
  2. Access the Classroom via the menu, accessible through the 9 dots icon at the top right of the web browser.
  3. Bookmark the page for easy access in the future.

For a step-by-step guide, watch the instructional video attached below.

Monitoring Your Child's Progress:

Google Classroom serves as the central hub for your child's academic activities. Here's where they can view assignments, grades, and feedback, as well as communicate directly with their teachers. To stay informed about assignments, missing work, and upcoming deadlines:

  • Navigate the 'To-Do' tab for an overview.
  • Individually select a class and check under either the Stream or the Classwork page.

G Suite for Education:

We leverage Google's free, online set of communication and collaboration tools known as G Suite for Education. This includes Gmail, Classroom, Docs, Meet, and Drive, providing a seamless experience for learning anywhere, anytime, on any device.

G Suite for Education Google’s free, online set of communication and collaboration tools. This includes Gmail, Classroom, Docs, Meet and Drive which enable teachers and students to connect, collaborate, provide and receive feedback. Your child can learn anywhere, anytime, on any device.
Google Classroom Classroom is where your child can find their assignments, grades and feedback, and communicate directly with their teacher. 
Google Meet Meet is a secure video conferencing platform where teachers can hold class, record meetings, hold parent/teacher conferences or office hours, especially with distance learning, Meet has many features built in for accessibility, like live captions, and many features built for education. Meet can be used to recreate the experience of your child being in class to keep them learning.
Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides Using G Suite tools like Docs, Sheets and Slides, your child can create documents, spreadsheets, or presentations that they can share with others, receive feedback on through comments, and edit in real time--with it all being saved automatically in their Google Drive.
Google Forms Forms are often used by teachers for creating quizzes, parent feedback surveys, or even field trip forms. Your child may also use Forms for in-class activities like creating a poll, or sending out a survey to their class.
Google Drive Drive is your child’s virtual backpack, where they can hold all of their assignments, projects, and notes online. It saves automatically, can be shared with others, and is accessible from any device--all they have to do is login to their school Google account!

Your involvement is key to the success of your child's digital learning experience at Falmouth School. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to our dedicated educators. Together, let's empower your child's education in the digital age!

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