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Family Learning

At Falmouth School, fostering effective communication and collaboration between home and school is a top priority. We understand the significance of exchanging information and sharing specific strategies to support your child's education.

Throughout the academic year, we organise a series of Family Learning Sessions designed to cater to specific year groups. These sessions are dedicated to exploring how we can enhance independence and resilience both inside and outside the classroom. It's an opportunity for us to delve into key aspects and events that contribute to your child's learning, providing you with detailed insights and practical guidance for their success.

The evenings are structured to cover various topics, including setting up as a Google Guardian to support with homework and classwork, fostering independent studying, and preparing for exams, among other valuable aspects of your child's academic journey.

Our Family Learning approach has proven to be highly successful. Attending these sessions is not only beneficial for the development of collaboration between home and school but also instrumental in ensuring your child's success at Falmouth School and beyond.

We encourage all parents to participate in these Family Learning Sessions as they have proven to be of paramount importance in creating a strong partnership between home and school, contributing significantly to your child's achievements and growth at Falmouth School.

Family Learning Events in 2023/24
Autumn Term
Wednesday 13th September Curriculum and
Exam Information
Year 11
Wednesday 20th September Paul Dix parent evening- parents of
students across all year groups
All Years
Tuesday 10th October Work
Year 10
Monday 6th November Revise Together Years 10, 11, 12, 13
Spring Term
Wednesday 31st January Year 10 Study Skills Year 10
Wednesday 7th February Securing Successful Readers All years
Monday 4th March Year 11&13
Exams preparation and information
Years 11 & 13
Summer Term
Wednesday 8th May      Key stage 3
rehearsal and practice learning for
upcoming exams
Years 7, 8, 9
Please note that these events are dynamic and subject to change. This is so that we can adapt these events to feedback and student needs.