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Home Learning

Home Learning at Falmouth School: Fostering Independent Habits and Strengthening Partnerships
At Falmouth School we believe that the regular completion of home learning is not just a task but a fundamental element in shaping good independent habits and routines. It goes beyond the traditional concept of homework; it's about nurturing a strong love for learning and achieving academic excellence.

The Power of Partnership
We recognise that developing good learning habits requires a partnership between home and school. Home learning is an invaluable bridge connecting learners, parents, and the curriculum. It enhances the relationship between the learner and their educational journey, offering insight into the subjects and creating opportunities for collaborative exploration.

Diverse Approaches to Home Learning
At Falmouth School, we understand that each subject is unique, and so is the approach to home learning. Our dedicated departments set homework regularly, tailored to the specific needs and demands of their curriculum. Whether it's practicing Maths on Sparx Maths, engaging in weekly goals on Tassomai, or language learning through platforms like Seneca Learning, Language Nut, or Quizlet – we integrate modern, accessible tools to make learning enjoyable.

However, we also value the importance of traditional methods. Some subjects may involve more traditional forms of homework, such as writing answers to exam questions or creating creative pieces of artwork or practical project work. The diversity ensures that learners are exposed to various learning styles, fostering a well-rounded educational experience.

Home Learning on Google Classroom
All home learning tasks are conveniently set by teachers on Google Classroom as assignments. Parents can easily access further information on Google Classroom through the Parent Hub on our website.

Guidelines for Home Learning Time
To support learners in Years 7-9 we suggest allocating between 30-60 minutes per evening for home learning whilst for Years 10-11 we suggest between 60-120 minutes. This additional time helps prepare them for the increased rigours of their GCSEs and ensures they meet academic expectations while maintaining a healthy balance.

Parental Support
Understanding the importance of parental support, we've provided a suggested schedule at the bottom of this page. This is a guideline to assist parents in supporting their child's home learning journey. Feel free to adapt and develop it based on your child's unique needs.

Together we will cultivate a passion for knowledge and reinforce the essential partnership between home and school. Thank you for your commitment to your child's education at Falmouth School.