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Understanding Reports

We believe in fostering strong partnerships between home and school. Our comprehensive reports play a pivotal role in this collaboration, offering you a detailed snapshot of your child's academic journey. Comprising four key components—written subject comments, attendance record, attitude towards learning, and current attainment—these reports provide invaluable insights. They aim to enhance your understanding of your child's progress and guide the way forward. We encourage you to explore these reports with an open mind, using them as a foundation for constructive conversations with both your child and their teachers. Together, we can ensure a successful learning experience.


We want the best for all our students and regular attendance is vital. The following chart shows the impact of absence of students’ progress in all subjects. Nationally, at the end of Key Stage 4 those students with an absence rate of less than 1% achieved 0.73 of a grade above expected progress. This is our ambition for all students.


We will consistently work towards a goal of 100% attendance for all children.


Attitude to Learning

Attitude to learning is crucial to success. There is a positive correlation between ‘Attitude to Learning’ grades and final exam results and therefore we encourage all students to do their very best in terms of effort, conduct and organisation every day.

Grades are given for conduct, effort, and organisation. The four levels of Attitude to Learning grades (ATLs) are:





Cause for Concern

Below Expectations



In addition to the overall Attitude to Learning grades given in this report, all parents are able to see a detailed breakdown of all positive and negative points awarded on the Class Charts app. Please let us know if you need help in setting this up; your child’s tutor will be happy to help.


Attainment - KS3

The four levels of attainment at KS3 are as follows: Emerging, Developing, Securing, Mastering. These are holistic grades based on all assessments undertaken within each subject during the term. These correlate to the Learning Checklists, which are available to your child in school. We hope you will also find the written comments helpful in this respect.


Attainment - KS4

At this stage of your child’s Key Stage 4 courses, whether GCSE or vocational, it may be that the reported current grades will lay well below the expected level at the end of their exam courses in the summer of their terminal exams. Whilst we include a ‘current grade’ in this report, it should be emphasised that this grade reflects where students currently are in relation to their whole qualifications. These grades will steadily rise over time. 

The key piece of information to take from your child's report, however, is their next steps in each subject. We hope you will find the subject comments useful to this end.